Why Meet Africa

Why Meet Africa?

  1. We are a non-profit organization which keeps the costs for overhead in the Netherlands as low as possible, and therefore our rates are relatively lower than a big or commercial organization.
  2. We are a small and therefore flexible and personal organization. In a personal conversation we examine which project fits your wants, education, experience and availability. By mutual agreement we decide where you want to live and work, so that you know exactly what you are at, before you subscribe to a project. In the Netherlands you will have a contact person whom you can always consult, both before your departure and during your stay in Africa.
  3. We pay a considerable amount of attention to the preparation of the volunteers and interns. You will receive a lot of information about the culture, customs and way of life of the local population, as well as practical information to simplify your preparations for your journey.
  4. The assistance we offer in Ghana, Cameroon and Malawi is very personal and extensive. We have close ties with our partner organizations in Africa. They have a lot of experience with foreign travellers and are known with the Western culture. Thus you will soon feel at ease and will always have the possibility to ask for information or request help. The partner organization takes care of the introduction days, pick-up service at the airport, and introducing you at the workplace and host family.
  5. Costs for accommodation, paid by the volunteer in Africa, will benefit the poorer part of the population to a large extent (see Where does the money go). A lot of host families live in poor villages and a lot of partner organizations are using a part of the accommodation costs for their projects for social disadvantaged groups of people.
  6. We want volunteers and interns to have real expectations. It’s important to be aware of the fact that there will be more benefits mutually from your stay while focussing on a good contact and teamwork, than while focussing on the results. A better world starts with understanding, involving and exchanging, not with ‘knowing better’ or taking the reins from another person. Sustainability and equal contact are highly valued.
  7. Our contacts in Africa are not only people from the city, but also people from the villages who have received little or no education or/and whose life is rather traditional. Therefore it is possible to get in touch with traditional knowledge to which we, as western people, normally have little access. Therefore most of our volunteers and interns choose for host families in the traditional villages.
  8. When going with Meet Africa accommodation is mostly in a village in the neighbourhood of a middle big city, or in a city by exception. In big Ghanaian cities like Accra, Kumasi and Tamale are already quite a lot of white voluntary workers. In the villages there is more need of volunteers. Moreover, you will integrate more easily when there are not too many other white people in the neighbourhood (however, you are always at biking distance from a number of other Meet Africa volunteers).