Budget diagram

Diagram to help you budget

Costs of participation €295
Board, lodging and organisation in Africa dependent of period of stay, see costs
Airplane ticket €500 à €1000 (dependent on flying company and departuretime)
Vaccinations, consultations with your Area Health Authority, medicines, first aid kit, insect repellent, etc. (expenses made at your Area Health Authority, and for vaccinations and malaria tablets are reimbursed by some medical insurances). Approx. € 250 + approx.€ 12 per month (Lariam) or approx. € 80 per month (Malarone) for malaria tablets.
Medical and travel insurance (many people already have good insurances; please, check if worldwide security is included. Also, mind that costs of repatriation are covered.) From € 40 per month onwards
Visa GhanaVisa Cameroon
1 month
3 months
6 months
Visa Malawi (to be obtained in Malawi itself)
€ 60 for 60 days, after this approx. € 20 per month extra (to be prolonged in Ghana)
€ 80
€ 120
€ 150
First month is free, then € 25 a month
Pocket money (for local transport, renting a bicycle, drinks, renewal of visa, short trips) Approx. €50 – €110 per week
Bike (buying/renting) in Ghana Approx. €50 or approx. 12,50 per month
Tour through Ghana, Cameroon or Malawi (optional) Approx. €200 – € 250 per week
Pick-up service airport (depending on the country) €35-50