Round trip

Round Trip

Of course you can make a round trip after the period of volunteering/the internship, and get to know the rest of Ghana, Cameroon or Malawi. All these three countries are safe enough to do this independently. Most of the people will travel with other volunteers, met during the preparing weekend or volunteering period, or with a local person who became a friend. We can give advice and information, but almost all the information could be find in a good traveling guide, such as the Bradt travel guide.


In Ghana are the former slave forts of the Gold Coast, Ashanti sanctuaries, Africa’s largest water reservoir (Lake Volta), tropical rainforests with canopy walks, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries with, among other animals, elephants, antelopes and monkeys, enormous markets, a lot of community based tourism projects, and much more.

When you don’t want to travel independently, we recommend to book the round trip in Ghana with our friended organisation Jolinaiko Ecotours. You will be traveling with a jeep with a reliable driver, enthusiastic and very friendly guide. In this way, you aren’t dependent of the public transport, which will save a lot of time, and you will reach places which are hard to reach by public transport.


In Cameroon the landscape is way more varying, with big parts of tropical rain forest in the south, desert in the north, a lot of national parks, with animals such as the gorilla or giraffe, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, mountains and colourful markets of course.


In Malawi you will go to the Lake Malawi of course for swimming, diving, snorkelling, kayaking or relaxing on the beach. But in Malawi there are national parks as well with among other animals, elephants, crocodiles, roes and special birds. It’s possible to make beautiful hikes on the highlands in the north, or on a mountain in the south. From Malawi it’s easy going to the bigger national parks of Tanzania or Zambia for the ‘big five’.