Free time

Free time: recreation during your period of volunteering or internship

At most projects you will work 5-8 hours a day , from Monday till Friday. What are you going to do with the spare time? Obviously you will  spend a part of this time with the host family; helping in daily activities, visiting somebody with a family member, going to the market, or playing soccer with the children of the village. Besides these things most of the volunteers keep a weblog, and visit each other for exchanging experiences. Other volunteers are practically always on a cycling distance. You can stay home for the weekends, but it’s also possible to go out, for instances going to see elephants in Mole National Park, waterfalls, visit a village with sacred monkeys, going to the beach, visiting an ecotourism project et cetera.

Courses and lessons

In a lot of places it’s possible to do a course or taking lessons. For example:

  • Drumming and/or dancing lessons.
  • Painting lessons. Africa is well-known for its creative billboards and signboards; all are hand-painted. You can attend lessons within an Africa atelier.
  • Sewing lessons. In Africa practically all clothes are made to measure. You can attend lessons at a sewing shop and learn how to make traditional African dresses and gowns (but also designs of your own).
  • Learning to weave baskets, hats et cetera with grass/cane.

These lessons can be arranged for with the assistence of the partner organisation at a very reasonable price.