Relaxation will be a keyword during your stay in Sognaayilli or Karimenga. After all, this is your holiday! You will fully experience life as a resident of a small village in Africa when you discover and experience local habits and daily activities. The English speaking guides and other employees will teach you to understand all the things you see and hear.

A reaction of one of our Dutch guests in Karimenga:
“During our meeting with the chief, a man joined us who wanted to discuss ‘something’ with the chief. He was acting very humble. It is very interesting to see all this happening in front of you. People here do not communicate with the chief directly. Instead they address someone of the board of elders. The visitor tells his story to him, he forwards the message to the chief, the chief answers and the member of the board of elders gives the chief´s reply to the visitor. Meanwhile, every word the chief says is accompanied by soft clapping by the guests and the board of elders. The chief receives money, birds, cattle or other gifts as gratitude.
It turned out this man needed help. The village accused him of witchcraft and people say the man is a wizard (a woman is a witch, a man is a wizard). Rumor has it that he caused several diseases and this time it was a child who got sick. Life for the man and his family got harder and harder as these accusations went on. The man asked the chief for help in disproving the accusations against him. The chief believed the man and made sure the man could visit a soothsayer who could prove the man is not a wizard.”

What is there to do?

In line with the vision of the projects, the villagers will offer you as their guest opportunities to meet them and to learn from each other. The employees of the Foundation in Ghana develop a number of activities together with the local people. These activities are part of the daily life of the villagers. Part of the revenue will go directly to the workshop holder and the guide, another part will be saved for community development projects for the entire village.
In Sognaayilli you can choose from several workshops, like a traditional baby massage, making of kuli-kuli (a local snack made of peanuts), a walk to the holy shrines in the village, learn to play the djemble or learn traditional dances.
In Karimenga you can lose yourself in nature by making a herbal trip in the forest around the village and at the board of the river. Accompanied by one of the local guides you will get to know the wonderful environment of Karimenga. Other workshops are a visit to the farms, bird watching, fishing at the river, drumming and stort telling.
In and around the villages the people enjoy explaining you things of their daily life, like how they herd their cattle or how they make the traditional clay huts. You can pay a visit to the tanner, let a goldsmith make you some jewellery or see the entire process from clay to pot in a pottery. An interpreter can help you to understand the work of a traditional healer. And if you always wanted to know what the future will bring, you can pay a visit to a soothsayer. He can tell you whether luck will cross your ways and he can advise you on a specific issue.
After all the activity it is time to relax. Your hut is the perfect place for this. Since the local people respect your peace and privacy you will experience true harmony. Anyone who has ever been in Africa will know this can be hard to find, because of the hassling by people wanting to sell you something in other areas. Sit back and relax, replay the day in your head or just gaze at the stars and smile. Because there is hardly any electricity in the area, the starlit heaven is a marvelous thing to see.

How to make your holiday in Ghana complete?

A stay in Sognaayilli and/or Karimenga can perfectly fit into a tour through the country. Ghana is safe and most of the people speak English. This makes an independent trip based on for instance the Bradt Travel Guide possible, even for the less experienced traveler.
There is a lot to see in Ghana: 500-year-old European forts and castles that line the former Gold Coast, the Ashanti kingdom and its rich history, Africa’s largest dam and lake (Lake Volta), tropical rainforest, waterfalls, wildlife parks inhabited by elephant, antelopes and monkeys, beaches, huge markets en lots lots more. We also suggest a visit to other ecotourism project in the country.
We would love to help you planning your trip to Ghana. It is also possible to book a roundtrip through Jolinaike ecotours. You will travel by jeep with a reliable driver and a friendly and enthousiastic guide. This way, you will not be dependent on public transport which saves you a lot of traveling time. But what’s best: you will get to visit places that cannot be reached by public transport. For more information go to