• Lodging at the local guesthouse of Sognaayilli or Karimenga (without meals): app. 10 euro p.p. per day*.
  • Board and lodging at a host family in Sognaayilli or Karimenga: appr. 10 euro p.p. per day*.
  • Package of workshops in one of the communities: appr. 20 euro* p.p.


  • Reservation costs when you want to book in the Netherlands: € 100 for each reservation (max 4 people).
  • Pick-up service from the airport and a stay in Accra (incl. 2 nights and meals): € 50 p.p.

*For actual prices always check at the offices in Tamale and Karimenga (see Book). Part of the revenue is saved for community development projects that will benefit the entire village.


In the accommodation costs:

  • A room at the guesthouse or board and lodging at your host family. You will sleep in your own room which is equipped with a three-quarter bed, a table and chair and an oil light. Your room can be locked.
  • Guidance by the people of Meet Africa in Tamale or Ibrahim in Karimenga; like assistance in case of illness and questions or issues.

In the reservation costs:

  • Someone in The Netherlands that can always be contacted when you have a question or a problem (by e-mail or telephone).
  • Information package on Ghana and its culture and habits.
  • Information package on Sognaayilli and/or Karimenga, including information on the environment, the activities and your host family.
  • Practical information on preparation, visa, money, how to travel, etc.

When to pay:

Reservation costs will be paid in advance while you are still at home. Costs for the pick-up service will be paid upon your arrival in Accra. Costs for board and lodging and for workshops are paid at the Meet Africa office in Tamale (when staying in Sognaayilli) or at the Greenhouse in Karimenga (when staying in Karimenga).

An example (based on Dutch standard and a trip to and from Schiphol Airport):

  • Reservation costs: €100
  • Costs for accommodation and workshops: depending on the duration of your stay and your choice of activities, see above
  • Ticket to Ghana: €750 à €1200
  • Vaccination, medical consults, medication, first aid kit, vaccinaties, mosquito repellent (with DEET): Appr. €250 + €3 a week for malaria prophylaxis
  • Travel insurance: €15 a week and up
  • Visa: €60 for a stay of 60 days, after that appr. €20 a month (to be extended in Ghana)
  • Pocket money (transport, bike rental, drinks): Appr. €75 – €100 a week
  • Trip through Ghana before or after your stay in Sognaayilli and/or Karimenga: Appr. €200 a week