Video of Meet Africa’s ecotourism project in Northern Ghana

Are you adventurous and do you like the pure African way of life? Do you like to get in touch with people that live traditionally in an open and honest way, far from your own busy little life back home? You don’t shun primitive conditions, but in fact consider this a valuable element when traveling? Are you not afraid of cultural differences? Then Sognaayilli and Karimenga are the places for you!

The ecotourism  projects in this 2 communities make it possible to experience your holiday in a very unique way. The starting point in the tourism activities is the same as in our volunteering projects: “Meet the other, develop yourself and inspire one another!” When you come to one of the two villages in Northern Ghana, you will stay as a guest at a local build guesthouse or in a host family and become a member of their family. This way, it is possible to experience the real and pure African life among Africans. You will get a lot out of this, but you will also be possible to give something back.

Why this sustainable tourism projects?

Our partnerorganisations in Tamale and Karimenga  have developed this projects as a means to stimulate tourism in Northern Ghana in a way that creates opportunities for the local people while at the same time offer you a great and unique experience. This is why they chose to use the ‘pro-poor tourism’ principles in their project. The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) defines pro-poor tourism as “tourism that results in increased net benefits for poor people”. Thus, the point is that the local community benefits as much as possible from tourism in their towns and villages. You can think of money, but also of enhanced knowledge or the opening up of their world-view.
Back in the field this means that our partners develop tourism activities in such a way that tourists are introduced to the daily life of the local people and are encouraged to take part in it. You can think of going to the market, fetching water or taking care of animals. In the construction of tourism accommodation local workers are hired as much as possible. Also, we try to use local materials so that more people can benefit. Part of the returns of the tourism is saved. This money is used to finance development projects for the entire village.