Volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana, for example at a school for deaf children, at a hospital or within a project for sustainable tourism

Together with our African partners we offer more than 60 volunteer projects and assignments within Ghanaian organisations and communities. We recommend you to contact us for a list of suitable projects that match your education, experience, availability and interests.

In Ghana we have volunteer projects in the areas of:

  • Social entrepreneurship, management, marketing
  • Sustainable, Pro Poor, community based and ecotourism,
  • Communication, media, ICT
  • Human rights, gender
  • Technic, logistics, water, architecture and agriculture
  • Sustainable energy, environment
  • Health (medicine, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy)
  • Health education and nutrition
  • Education, pedagogics, psychology
  • Social work, youth support, care for disabled
  • Sport
  • Arts