Costs for volunteering or internships:

  • Costs of participation: € 295.
  • Additional costs: € 100 a week; from the 9th week onwards: € 75 a week.
  • Pick-up service Accra (Ghana): € 45 (excluding 2 nights, including breakfast and dinner). Pick-up service Douala (Cameroon): € 40/60 (excluding and including 1 stay in a hotel in Douala respectively). Pick-up service Lilongwe (Malawi): € 35 (excluding accomodation and meals in Lilongwe).
  • In case of an internship: € 12,50 a week as a reward for the contact/tutor at the workplace.

In the costs are included:

  • A constant contact in the Netherlands for asking questions (by email or phone)
  • Information booklet with a lot of content information about the culture and customs in Ghana, Cameroon and Malawi.
  • Extensive practical information on preparation, visa, money, journey, etc.
  • Pick-up service at the airport.
  • Orientation days in Ghana, Cameroon or Malawi before you go to your host family and start your voluntary work or internship.
  • Board and lodging with a host family (private room with bed).
  • Help and assistance in Ghana, Cameroon or Malawi; for example taking care and assistance in in case of illness, prolonging of visa or other questions and problems.

The costs for an airplane ticket, visa, insurance, vaccinations and pocket money are excluded and depend on the airlines you choose and your further personal needs. It’s possible to consult the budget to make a general estimate of the costs.