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Jacqueline en Rob werken mee aan toerismeontwikkeling in de Volta-regio

7 januari 2018

Rob en Jacqueline runnen ’s zomers in de Dordogne-streek in Frankrijk hun eigen ‘chambre d’hotes’. Ze ontvangen toeristen in een prachtige vakantieomgeving ‘la douce France’. Het leek het stel een goed idee, om in de winter ook iets moois te doen, op toeristisch vlak, in Afrika. Via Ontmoet Afrika zijn ze nu Jolinaiko Ecotours aan het helpen bij het opbouwen van de splinternieuwe lodge genaamd ‘The Tagbo Falls Lodge’ in Liate Wote in de prachtige groene heuvels van de Volta Region dichtbij het stadje Hohoe.
Ze verhalen regelmatig op internet, onder meer via hun eigen Facebookpagina’s, over hun ervaringen:

“The Tagbo Falls Lodge in Liate Wote, owned by Cindy and Apollo of Jolinaiko Eco Tours, has opened its doors just this year. We have proposed some changes/improvements in and around the lodge in order to have guests stay longer. Rob will supervise some building work. Jacqueline is writing an information map for the rooms, including everything that can be done and visited in the surroundings.
The tourist office in the village is rather “basic” (to say the least), so Jacqueline is proposing some changes to make it more visible and informative for tourists.
Although the village Liate Wote is clean, compared to a lot of other places in Ghana, we would like to start an initiative to make the village even cleaner (plastic bottles and plastic waste is everywhere here). We wait till January, when school starts again, to involve the youth of the village, in this initiative.

We are very lucky that we were introduced to the chief and the elderlies of the village, who are all very open to our ideas and very helpful. They even came to the lodge this week to say how welcome we were. Amazing!

We proposed to build a summer hut hardly 2 weeks ago. By now the foundation and the floor have been cast. Next week the carpenter will start with the roof. Could you imagine that in Europe…….?

We keep you updated.”

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