… in advance

Are you enthusiastic after reading the information about Sognaayilli and Karimenga? This is how you can book in advance.

  • If you want to know of room availability in a certain period or you still have questions, you can phone us (0031 6 53846849) or send us an email (see Contact).
  • We can send you a booking form by email. Please fill in the form, sign it and send it back by post.
  • We will reserve a room with a host family for you. In the case there is no room available, we will let you know immediately. Otherwise, we will send you confirmation of your booking and all information about Ghana, the villages, your journey, etc.
  • You will pay the booking fee to “Meet Africa” in Holland within 14 days on receiving this confirmation. Now you can start with preparations for your journey.
  • Book your flight as early as possible to ensure a seat at a favourable price.
  • The costs of the reserved period and desired workshops are to be paid directly to Meet Africa in Tamale (for Sognaayilli) or in at the Greenhouse (for Karimenga).

Contact details for travellers already in Ghana

It is also possible to visit Sognaayilli or Karimenga without an advanced booking. Just come to the office of Meet Africa in Tamale or the Greenhouse in Karimenga and/or give them a call beforehand.

Meet Africa Tamale (for Sognaayilli):
From Tamale you take a (shared) taxi to Kanvilli (direction Kamina). The Meet Africa office is situated on the road to Bolgatanga (ca. 7 km north of Tamale), on the right hand side, just after the village of Kanvilli and opposite a Nasona fuel station. From the office somebody will bring you to the community of Sognaayilli.
Telephone Namaawu: 024 4824110

Telephone Ayisha: 024 9243142 or 020 5911748
Email: meetafrica.tamale@yahoo.comGreenhouse Karimenga:

Karimenga is situated on the road from Tamale to Bolgatanga, appr. 30 km before Bolgatanga. The village lays on the footh of a hill, just before the last ‘toll bridge’ before Bolgatanga. You can ask the busdriver to stop at Karimenga, ask Ibrahim to pick you at the toll bridge or take a taxi from Bolgatanga.

Telephone Ibrahim: 024 9333184 or 020 8913117