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Judge signs order to stop razing of Baylor alumni center
door guest on 20.09.2014

The building was slated for demolition as part of the Baylor Stadium project, following an agreement brokered in June between the university and members of the executive committee of the Baylor Alumni Association.
As part of the transition agreement, the association agreed to dissolve and turn over most Tory Burch Jewelry of its alumni outreach functions to the university and also to vacate the alumni center by Wednesday.
The university plans to use the space, located on University Parks Drive, as an approach to a pedestrian bridge that would cross the Brazos River.
Although members of the association鈥檚 executive committee approved the proposal in June, the final vote on the proposal is not scheduled until Sept. 7, when it will be put to the association鈥檚 membership and board of 鈥╠irectors.
Two-thirds of the members who attend the meeting would have to vote in favor of the agreement to ratify it.
It was thought that the agreement could bring to an end the tensions between the university and the BAA, an independent nonprofit corporation, that have existed since the early 2000s.
Kurt H. Dorr, a member of the Baylor Alumni Association and a 1983 graduate, requested the temporary restraining order against Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association, as well as Elizabeth E. Coker, a Polk County district court judge and former president of the association鈥檚 board of directors, and Collin Cox, a Houston attorney who serves as president of the association鈥檚 board of directors.
U.S. District Judge Walter Smith signed the order Tuesday.
Gerald Haddock, a Fort Worth-based attorney and one of five attorneys who is representing Dorr, described the essence of the case as 鈥渢he democratic process and voting鈥?and protecting the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center from destruction until the final vote could take place.
Meanwhile, Baylor spokeswoman Lori Fogleman chalked up the development to an internal problem at the BAA. Association staff who were working out of the Hughes-Dillard building already have relocated to the Clifton Robinson Tower, she said.
鈥淔or more than 10 months, Baylor officials have been engaged in active negotiation with the elected leadership of the Baylor Alumni Association, and we now find ourselves co-defendants in a judicial process,鈥?Fogleman said. 鈥淲hile Baylor will vigorously defend the case, we understand this principally as an internal governance issue concerning one member of the BAA and the elected leadership of the BAA. We expect that the court will sort this out.鈥?
$75,000 value
Dorr, who lives in the Chicago area, is not seeking monetary damages, but injunctive relief and a temporary restraining order to 鈥減reserve possession of the Hughes-Dillard building and the BAA鈥檚 other assets鈥?pending a Christian Louboutin Com vote by the association鈥檚 members, court documents state. The building itself is valued at about $75,000, according to the complaint.
The complaint further alleges that the university does not need to destroy the building as part of its Baylor Stadium project.
Haddock said Dorr is a 52-year-old financial adviser and banker, as well as a longtime 鈥渇riend and supporter of Baylor University and the Baylor Alumni Association.鈥?
A group of association members, incorporated as Kate Spade Dishes Independence at Baylor LLC, has been lobbying the organization鈥檚 board of directors to reject the agreement, arguing that the proposal violates a 1993 license agreement between the BAA and the university.
The document, the group argues, gives the BAA the perpetual right to perform alumni functions except in the case of a default on鈥╥ts part.
The group also contends that requiring the BAA to move out of the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center by Wednesday as part of the transition agreement violates a 1994 contract governing the association鈥檚 continued use of the 鈥╞uilding.
Proponents of the proposal said the transition agreement allowed an independent voice of the alumni association to continue through the Baylor Line magazine, while consolidating the alumni outreach effort.
Neither Coker nor Cox could be reached Tuesday for comment.
A hearing on the temporary restraining order is set for July 10, when a judge will determine whether to extend the order.
Tribune-Herald staff writer Regina Dennis contributed to this story.

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Los Angeles Entrepreneur Megyn Bell Named as a Finalist on 'America's IT...
door guest on 20.09.2014

Hollywood, Calif., Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --Megyn Bell, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and founder of GlamOn , Inc., (), has been named as a finalist on the hit reality television show, "America's IT Girl." The show premiers this September on WeTV, a division of AMC.
The show began with 400 young women from across the nation, competing to be awarded the title as the next "America's It Girl." During the course of Shop Jimmy Choo the show, the women build their own personal brand, work to improve their health and fitness, and strategize their career plans.
Over $100,000 in prizes for the contestants and their charities will help launch their modeling career, and allow them to bring out their own name brand of clothing and gear.
The show premieres Sundays starting in September 2014 and runs through November 2014 when the final pageant competition determines America's IT Girl - a young woman with power, glamour, beauty and 'IT' that special, indefinable quality that is difficult to attain, but easy to spot.
Megyn Bell, founder and CEO of Glam-On, Inc, was selected as a finalist in the competition. GlamOn has developed an automated retail boutique curated with the world's finest cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and beauty products.
Bell, who was born Christian Louboutin Uk in a small town in Arkansas, has worked hard to move up in the fashion and business worlds, and is considered one of the industry's leading new voices. As a Minority and Disadvantaged Business Owner, she has been asked to speak at UCLA and at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), to encourage and mentor other young women with aspirations, goals and dreams.
Bell is a member of Junior League Los Angeles - a charitable organization of women committed to developing the potential of disadvantaged women and children by supporting projects and programs that improve the community. She also serves on the organization's Christian Louboutin Designer Public Policy Institute Committee.
Bell also serves on the advisory board for Fashion Week San Diego and writes articles for TGIFguide.com.
For more information on Megyn Bell, or to follow her progress on "America's IT Girl," visit her Facebook page at:
Follow Megyn on Twitter at:
Learn more about GlamOn Hollywood, at:
Media Inquiries:
The Innovation Agency

SOURCE GlamOn, Inc.


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WASHINGTON (September 8, 2014) Many people newly covered by Medicaid under the federal health law are seeking treatment in hospital emergency rooms, one of the Kate Spade Uk most expensive settings for health care, according to an analysis that the Colorado Hospital Association released Monday.
The analysis, which a real-time glimpse at how the nation's newest social program is working, also found signs that newly insured Medicaid patients admitted to hospitals may be sicker than Kate Spade Espadrille patients previously covered by the program, which serves more than 60 million low-income and disabled people.
Taxpayers could save millions of dollars if newly insured Medicaid patients with routine needs are steered to community health centers Christian Louboutin 100 or urgent care clinics, not service-intensive emergency rooms.
The study looked at 25 states.
Thirteen of them expanded Medicaid, and 12 did not.

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OAKLEYオークリー サングラス スカルペル アジアンフィット ドゥカティ OAKLEY SCALPEL ASIAN FIT DUCATI oo9134-10 ACTIVE ブラック , 私は気象学の私の学士号を仕上げ、またデンバーのメトロポリタン州立大学で、数学のマイナーを得コロラドに移った。, 中央カーバー博物館の野外彫刻がマリオガヤルド、クルミギャラリーのエグゼクティブディレクターによると、ガズデンのいくつかの場所にすぐに来るであろうパブリックアートインスタレーションのシリーズの1つです。, http://www.gazezetmovie.com/converse-スニーカー-メンズ-c-1.html, オークリー レンズ レーダーロックパス OAKLEY LENSES RADARLOCK PATH oakley43-539 ブルー , 問題は、その証拠がディーツは、同じ静脈彼のインディアンheritage.Inを改ざんさであることを示唆している、インド人のスポークスマンは、長い名前はペノブスコットインディアンルイSockalexisを尊重することを意味し、名前のチームのコンテストの結果であったと述べている。, 高質な製品を驚きの低価格で提供し 【COACH コーチ】サイフ 長財布 アシュレイ フローラル プリント ジップ アラウンド F48780_SV/MC(マ, クーリーと彼のスタッフは、プログラムに注入する準備ができて6つの新しいプレーヤーを持っていますが、唯一のジュニアLomomba、新入生ジェイリンリンジーを転送し、おそらく6〜9ハリスは油断スポットで義務の対象となるようだ。, http://www.salvapoint.com/ア行-c-37.html, どのような私には他の人の死亡者や母親の愛の問題をした。, ●驚きの低価格 パトリック PATRICK St.V.PUNCH BLK), 何真実ではないことは、これはどちらかのいずれか少ない効果的medicalsystemなることです。, ルイヴィトン(Louis Vuitton) スモールグッズ ダミエ·アズール アジェンダ PM アズール R21080, 私はすでに彼がそれのいくつかの知識を持って知っている。, 『オススメ』 オークリー サングラス SQUARE WHISKER:スクウェアウィスカー(PEWTER/BLACK IRIDIUM)【特価セール SALE】, ウォラック、98は、自然の原因からニューヨークで先週の火曜日の夜、一週間前に亡くなった。, ●驚きの低価格 SPINGLE MOVE スピングルムーブ SPM-110 スピングルムーヴ スニーカー スピングル ムーブ SPM110 ダークブルー(SPM110 SS12), コロラド州からの男性は、その日、韓国人に大きな因果関係を与えた。, オークリー ミニッツ/MINUTE, ジョー·エスポジト: 私はエルヴィスの話を世界中で行って、私はいつも、私はトム·パーカーだった男は彼がミスをしたが、パーカーは良い男だった私たちは、いくつかの戦いがあったが、全体的に私たちは一緒に素晴らしい持ってどのように良い言う。, http://www.whiteravenresearch.com/カルティエ-ベニュワール-c-33_42.html, 超安値 オークリー サングラス FLAK JACKET:フラックジャケット アジアンフィット (METALLIC RED/G30 IRIDIUM)【驚きの低価格】, このような概念の限界、およびそれ自体の奇妙な、卑劣なカリカチュアにねじることができる方法を示している。, ウェブベースのビジネスのように、ソーシャルネットワークが早期に問題を検出するために、ユーザーの行動を追跡することで、従来の企業と比べていくつかの利点がありますか。

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