Affordable volunteer programs in Africa

Affordable volunteer programs africa; work with children and support local mothers

When you are looking for volunteer programs in Africa, but you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money, consider the volunteer programs of Meet Africa. We work on a non profit basis, and put a lot of energy in our cooperation with our African partners. That means you will volunteer on an assignment that fits to your CV and interests and is attending to the needs of the partner in Africa.

Reports from most affordable volunteer programs in Africa are available, with more information about the content of the volunteers projects all made by former volunteers. You can reclaim these per e-mail (see contact).

The availability of projects, mentioned on the pages GhanaCameroon and Malawi is limited. A certain position can be filled by another participant or there can be certain demands such as education/skills, experience or a minimum length of stay. When you send us your motivation and CV and inform us of your availability and interest; we will send you a list of matching volunteer programs in Africa.

About work in orphanages: We got a negative advice from several customers about placing volunteers in orphanages. The long term effects from changing in caretakers/volunteers seem to have a negative influence on the children. In most cases the placement within ‘extended families’ or a foster family is preferred over placement in an orphanage. Because of this Meet Africa has chosen not to place volunteers in orphanages but in stead of that in day nurseries and (boarding) schools.